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 Gemstones of America Video Tape

Gemstones of AmericaDiscover Americaís Hidden Treasures Gems and jewels have always been fascinating to mankind. But where do they come from? How are they found, mined, cut, polished and displayed? This dramatic, award winning video takes viewers on a journey with Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. to the richest mines in the United States. The journey ends at the Smithsonianís Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C. where we see the nationís finest gems and jewels. Approx. 60 Mins..........



Collecting Earth's Natural Treasures

Collecting Earth's Natural TreasuresFrom the Smithsonian to great museums around the world this beautiful video takes viewers to discover the world of collecting natural treasures. Experience the beauty and art of collecting gemstones, minerals and fossils. Approx. 60 Mins







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